During its relatively short existence, the Photo Booth business has brought scores of talented, experienced and successful operators to the forefront. Augmenting their savvy as solid business men and women, many are also well-spoken, entertaining presenters.

Each year, Photo Booth Expo sifts through dozens of applications in search of presenters with fresh thoughts and topics that the majority of attendees will (hopefully) relate to, and put into practice.

For the upcoming 2020 Photo Booth Expo (February 24-27) at the South Point in Las Vegas, The PBX Show is assembling the strongest cast of presenters to date.

First off, we are pleased to announce that Scott Faver will again be running the conference room. When it comes to keeping things on track and moving, Scott is the consummate professional. While the attendees typically have no idea of just how much Scott does during the event, they frequently express their appreciation for his work.

Among those new to PBX for 2020 will be Lexine Menard. Lexine is the owner of LexiBooth — a photo booth rental company in Ontario, Canada that booked over 150 events in its first year of business. Like many in the Photo Booth business, Lexine started out as a professional photographer at the age of 17. Now, at 22, she brings to PBX the key elements for creating an incomparable client-experience through every single event.

One of the most popular seminars at the 2019 PBX show was “Troubleshooting On The Fly” presented by Bill Vahrenkamp of Imaging Spectrum. This year, Bill takes it the next level with “It’s Only A Photo Booth, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Others scheduled to speak at the show include Catalina Bloch, Hugo Drax, Brandon Wong, Mike Fernino (Photo Booth Idea Sharing), Drew Wash, Randy Long and many others. The seminars ill run Noon to 7PM on Monday, 8AM to 5PM on Tuesday and 9AM to 11AM on Wednesday.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing (and re-introducing) the rest of our team of presenters, and their topics. Stay Tuned. And, if you haven’t yet registered… what are you waiting for? Go to Photo Booth expo.com and click “register.”


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