In the dynamic world of owning a photo booth company, technical glitches can occur unexpectedly, threatening to derail even the most meticulously organized affairs. In this insightful speech, we’ll dive into the essential elements of a foolproof backup plan for your photo booth events. From hardware malfunctions to software hiccups, workflows and checklists, we’ll explore the strategies and tools you need to ensure a seamless experience for both your organizers and attendees. Learn how to anticipate potential issues, equip yourself with reliable backup solutions, and emerge from any event crisis with confidence.

About Gregory Burt: Gregory leads Photo Booth Support, a 24/7 technical support company that provides photo booth owners peace of mind supporting their photo booth software and hardware issues around the clock. He runs his own photo booth company in Minneapolis, Minnesota and also has an extensive knowledge of computer hardware, software and networking that spans over the past 20+ years. Gregory and his team treat each support call as if it was their own booth company calling, ensuring that a client’s problem is fixed in a precise and timely fashion.

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