Alan will be presenting on Monday and Tuesday on the PBX seminar for holders of MEX and PBX key passes.

Do you love doing the weddings and events more than you love selling them? You’re not alone. The events industry is filled with creative people who love providing amazing results for your couples, clients and customers. The problem is that the skills needs to do events are not the same as the ones needed to sell them. Come to this session and hear:

  • Why you need to stop selling and start helping the buy
  • Why you should be assuming the sale, right from the inquiry
  • How to ask better questions which will help you sell more.

Alan’s 2nd seminar is titled: Where’s the friction in your sales process?
Synopsis: As a customer, it’s easy to see where companies make it hard for us to do business with them. Can you see where you’re making it difficult for your clients, couples and customers? Do you know how you may be chasing away good prospects because of extra steps or friction? Come to this session and see how your customer experience may be hurting you, rather than helping.

What you’ll hear:

  • 5 ways you’re creating friction in your sales process
  • 3 ways you’re creating friction on your website
  • Friction reduction tips everyone can use


About Alan: Alan Berg, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow is an author, business consultant, professional speaker and sales trainer. he is the Author of 7 books and host of the Wedding Business Solutions Podcast on Apple, YouTube and all podcast platforms

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