Photo Booths A-Z with Chuck Eckert

As one of the pioneers in the Photo Booth business, Chuck Eckert (with over a dozen years in the Photo Booth Biz) has a treasure trove of tricks and tips to share that can help you turn “Boothing” into a fun and exciting full or part-time income. Chuck’s talk will take you through running a Photo Booth business from beginning to end. You’ll learn how to start up your Photo Booth business, how to develop a following of satisfied customers and how to maximize profitability from this growing industry.

About Chuck: Chuck Eckert, from Buffalo, NY has been a filmmaker, photographer, DJ, auctioneer and a photo booth owner for many years. Active in the community, planning events for service organizations, corporations or maybe a family re-union, the excitement is still there. In business for over 20 years and still learning ways to grow the business.

Steve Bliesner – An Honest Look at Running a Photo Booth Business

Steve says, “I used to think Photo Booth companies operated somewhere between being an “entertainment” business and/.or a “creative/marketing” agency. Now I more fully believe we are all in the “Problem solving” business. Let’s have a look at some real world examples of what we “really: do.”

About Steve: Steve Bliesner is the founder and Creative Director of Australian based companies: The Photo Booth Guys and At the Beep and now the Owner of Breeze Software. With nearly 15 years experience in the Photo Booth, and Events Industry, and regarded as an “out of the box” thinker… Check out his creative nonsense on TikTok: and or Instagram

Timothy Connolly, (a.k.a. Sonny Calzone) To Bring Music and Inspiration to PBX2024

Those who attend PBX & MEX annually know it’s about a lot more than Photo Booths and DJ Gear. Entertainment is the core focus and because this is Las Vegas, you never know who might show up on show floor unannounced and unexpected.

This time we’re letting one of the cats out of the bag early— and that cat is Timothy Connolly, a.k.a The Ukulele Hero, a.k.a Sonny Calzone.

Like many entertainers, Tim finds joy by bringing joy to others, and he does that primarily through music. “My greatest gift is my determination to help keep great music from the 20th century alive here in the 21st century. There’s so much music and so little time.” But there’s more to Tim than music. The guy is a real survivor with a quite an inspiring back story.

His birth home was in Long Beach, NY, also known for being the location of the Corleone family compound in “The Godfather.” Timothy’s nickname “Sonny Calzone” came from his similarity to Sonny Corleone—and his love for calzones.

One day in 1974, at the age of three, his life changed dramatically. Kids like to play on stairs and he was finding it quite fun to leap Calvin & Hobbes style into a pile of pillows at the bottom of a stairwell. This was in an older building which still had cast iron radiators (you can probably guess where this is going). On one particular jump, he missed the pillows and went head first into one of those old radiators. The result was a traumatic head injury that cost him his hearing. “I was born with healthy hearing,” he explains, “Approximately ten percent remains and I have no recollection of what it was like. I mostly ‘feel’ sound instead of ‘hear’ sound.”

His connection to music and performing was inherited from his parents. His father played guitar and piano and his mom enjoyed singing karaoke.

Tim joined his first band in 1991 at age 20 on Long Island. “We were very much a ‘garage band’ at first, but it wouldn’t be long before we became a proper rock-and-roll outfit. I later became a founding member of the award-winning ‘Suck It Easy’ band in 2002. That visionary groundbreaking band had two squads… one squad was our cover band that focused on music from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and the other squad was our freeform improvisational band that performed ‘concept concerts’ and recorded studio albums—three albums of which exist on compact disc in more than 20 countries.”.

Tim left New York in January 2018 for new adventures in the great American west (and also to escape from crazed fans and stalkers in New York.) Even though he no longer drinks or gambles, he has found Las Vegas to be a perfect location. “On weekdays,” he says, “I am the mild-mannered Clark Kent of the logistics industry (working for Scan Global Logistics. By night and on weekends, I am both the Ukulele Hero and the Qigong Coach that this city so richly deserves.”

In 2008, a friend gifted him a ukulele and over the next fifteen years went from playing campfire songs to developing a repertoire of one thousand songs or more.

In a recent interview published in “Vegas 411”, Timothy a.k.a. “The Ukulele Hero” said, “Being both a Qigong coach and a mediation coach allows me to help others become more grateful, mindful, and peaceful. To become their real selves, have better mobility, reconnect with breath, utilize breathing patterns for certain results, and so on. I’m a fun coach, too, with many years of experience. A specialty of mine is helping beginners to discover both Qigong and mediation for the first time.”

PBX Show Producer, Rob Savickis, caught up with Timothy last summer in Las Vegas and invited him to come and share his music, his story and his philosophies on life at MEX/PBX 2024. You’ll get a chance to meet him as you enter the PBX Seminar room—and be sure to stop his booth on the show floor. “When attendees visit my booth, they can meet me and hear me strumming a Fender tenor ukulele. Visitors can also book me in-person, to perform at their corporate events, private parties, weddings and lots more. PBX/MEX will be an incredible experience and I am thrilled to be a part of it with all of you.

More about Tim


Below: Tim fronts Suck It Easy

“Always Ready: Having a Backup Plan When Your Event Goes Wrong” with Greg Burt

In the dynamic world of owning a photo booth company, technical glitches can occur unexpectedly, threatening to derail even the most meticulously organized affairs. In this insightful speech, we’ll dive into the essential elements of a foolproof backup plan for your photo booth events. From hardware malfunctions to software hiccups, workflows and checklists, we’ll explore the strategies and tools you need to ensure a seamless experience for both your organizers and attendees. Learn how to anticipate potential issues, equip yourself with reliable backup solutions, and emerge from any event crisis with confidence.

About Gregory Burt: Gregory leads Photo Booth Support, a 24/7 technical support company that provides photo booth owners peace of mind supporting their photo booth software and hardware issues around the clock. He runs his own photo booth company in Minneapolis, Minnesota and also has an extensive knowledge of computer hardware, software and networking that spans over the past 20+ years. Gregory and his team treat each support call as if it was their own booth company calling, ensuring that a client’s problem is fixed in a precise and timely fashion.

If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Is Always NO! – Alan Berg

Alan will be presenting on Monday and Tuesday on the PBX seminar for holders of MEX and PBX key passes.

Do you love doing the weddings and events more than you love selling them? You’re not alone. The events industry is filled with creative people who love providing amazing results for your couples, clients and customers. The problem is that the skills needs to do events are not the same as the ones needed to sell them. Come to this session and hear:

  • Why you need to stop selling and start helping the buy
  • Why you should be assuming the sale, right from the inquiry
  • How to ask better questions which will help you sell more.

Alan’s 2nd seminar is titled: Where’s the friction in your sales process?
Synopsis: As a customer, it’s easy to see where companies make it hard for us to do business with them. Can you see where you’re making it difficult for your clients, couples and customers? Do you know how you may be chasing away good prospects because of extra steps or friction? Come to this session and see how your customer experience may be hurting you, rather than helping.

What you’ll hear:

  • 5 ways you’re creating friction in your sales process
  • 3 ways you’re creating friction on your website
  • Friction reduction tips everyone can use


About Alan: Alan Berg, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow is an author, business consultant, professional speaker and sales trainer. he is the Author of 7 books and host of the Wedding Business Solutions Podcast on Apple, YouTube and all podcast platforms

al**@al******.com •

Let’s Double Your Revenue” presented by Chris Collins

Join Chris as we explore the 5 ways of business that are guaranteed to double your revenue next year. It’s very easy as a small business owner to get dragged into the day to day of the business, trying to manage and run every little thing by yourself. Using this tried and tested 5 step method, we can help you delegate, eliminate and automate your systems & processes so you can work ON your business instead of IN it. We’ll explore over 250 ways you can focus on the key 5 pillars to double or even triple your business next year. Free up your time to focus your efforts on growing your business, and start planning what your life will look like when you cross the finish line.

About Chris: Chris Collins is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who started a photo booth company in 2013. He built BoothBook to help manage admin and bookings for his own photo booth company, before packing it up and launching it to other photo booth owners across 33 countries. Chris spends his time between the UK and Portugal, and owns a portfolio of businesses and properties, as well as coaching and consulting other business owners on how to achieve financial freedom through business.

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