Carving out a profitable niche in the competitive entertainment/event services industry has never been more challenging. While friends and family often question the mental stability of those of us with chronic entrepreneur syndrome, we seldom care—we just go on doing what we do, and hoping it makes a difference.

Building a business takes patience, persistence and what often seems to be super-human effort. However, when you step back for a moment, it all breaks down to three things: 1) Doing more with less 2) Expanding your list of products and services 3) Maximizing your marketing efforts.

As simple as that sounds, unless you are a born natural business person, you can’t go it alone. You need help, and while there are plenty of books and videos available, nothing is more inspiring than being face to face with someone who has accomplished much and is eager to share. So, with that as the underlying theme, here’s a preview of the professional development seminars being offered to key pass holders at the upcoming Photo Booth Expo. Watch for more information as t becomes available—and if you haven’t yet purchased your key pass, do so today. The price will never be lower!

Don’t miss the Keynote on Monday March 12.

International best-selling author and award winning marketer, Steve Napolitan, works with entrepreneurs, C-level executives, coaches and consultants that are stuck in “spinning wheels” mode—working hard but getting nowhere. Steve has helped his clients reach millions in traffic, impressions and revenue. More importantly, he can show you how to turn this response into real business growth while regaining control of your life.

Workflows to Work Less

There are only 24 hours in a day, and you need time to do more than just work your business. In this presentation Catalina Bloch says that the key to making more while working less is streamlining your workflow, automating certain tasks while delegating others. In this seminar, Catalina will share her strategies for recovering your nights and weekends, all while making, even more, money than before.


Building A “Digital Sales Funnel”

It’s no secret that the way to book more business is through improving your digital outreach—but that’s easier said than done. In this advanced digital-marketing session, Jordan St. Jacques of Canada’s Digitera Interactive will show you how to substantially increase the traffic to your online platforms. You’ll also learn how to use advanced tools in your digital campaigns to generate leads, and close more clients.

5 Steps To Start Target Marketing Like A Pro

For marketing to be effective you need to know who you’re talking to, what to say and how to reach them. While you may think your photo booth is perfect for everyone, Justin Jowett says that is not the case and will show you why that’s a actually a good thing.


Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Continuing on the theme of digital and online marketing, Justin Miller will be taking it to the next level with strategies for getting more leads, driving e sales, and how to more effectively manage your lead flow process with behavior based marketing. Examples will include the effective use of email marketing, sms messaging, and chat bots.

Light Painting

On the performance side, Chris Breeze, a legend in the Photo Booth community, will be giving a presentation on light painting. Chris will also be running premium workshops on photo booth shooting and on multi-camera rigs (details forthcoming)

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality: The Next Generation of Photo Booths

The photo booth industry is expanding every year and so is the technology. Photo booth entrepreneur and LA Photo Party owner, Brian Miller, will be talking about how growing with these trends is vital to gaining traction with high-end social and corporate clients. Expect to come away knowing a whole lot more about VR, AR, and MR, what they tell us about the future of entertainment, how they relate to Photo Booths, what technology you need to provide these services and how to sell them to your clients.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more topics still to announced so start shopping for flights and get your key pass now. Photo Booth Expo 2018 promises to be the best event ever for Photo Booth owners, operators, manufacturers and suppliers.

JUST ADDED: “Win More Millennial Business” – Ross Holman, Check Cherry

Seminar Schedule:
 Sunday March 11, Noon-6PM • Monday March 12, 9-5 • Tuesday March 13, 9-11 • Wednesday March 14, 9-11.

Exhibit Hall:
Monday March 12, 5-8 • Tuesday March 13, 11-5 • Wednesday March 14, 11-3.

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