“Standing Out From The Crowd”- Rob Peters

The majority of DJs and Mobile Entertainers offer services for a variety of of events, and it’s getting harder to stand out in the eyes of a prospective client. In this seminar, Rob Peters will show you how to present and provide specialized services and be profitable in today’s changing marketplace!

Rob will share how target marketing and branding—with a focus on specific, specialized services—have helped him earn more profits and more referrals for these services. Rob will also talk about how to develop these service offerings from your current DJ business.

Some of the concepts Rob will share in this seminar include:

  • Focusing your marketing on specific services
  • Creating a specific “brand” for each specialty
  • How networking with your current contact and clients can play a role
  • Soda company branding methods and how they can apply to marketing your services more effectively

About Rob: For over 30 years, Rob Peters of Rob Peters Entertainment in Massachusetts has developed services and branded his services to appeal to specific audiences and client bases for unique and fun services. Having a targeted approach to his business, Rob’s companies survived COVID and has been recognized in the marketplace for Trivia, Game Shows and Corporate Entertainment, RPE also has previous success with kids entertainment with specialized emphasis in the day care industry.

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“Mastering Mitzvahs” – Howard Wallach

Since 1987, “go to” guy Howard Wallach has been producing diverse high-octane entertainment events across North America. Keeping with the theme of “Even More In ’24,” PBX/MEX, Howard will be joining an exceptional line up of presenters.

Mastering Mitzvahs: There’s a lot of money to be made by Mobile Entertainers who understand the finer points of mitzvahs. Sharing useable information and inspiration WITH IMPACT is Howard Wallach’s pleasure. You’ll learn how to take charge with energizing tips for marketing to Jewish families, how to manage client expectations, and how to create the perfect party agenda. Howard will also be explaining how to scout & train your interactive team—all with the goal of adding value at every event with great results.

.ABOUT HOWARD: Howard Wallach, CGSP® Motivational Speaker / Educator. He began by wowing families as a bar mitzvah party Disc Jockey to now one of the most polished and professional traveling entertainers for corporate events and meetings.
This “Top Dawg” has trained and coached his team to consistently deliver outstanding interactive experiences.
It’s no small thing to stay relevant, fresh, and exciting – providing regular production and performance work for his staff week in and week out after so many years. 2020 Became a Certified Guest Service Professional®

Energy is Energy . . . it never lies
Do more of what makes you happy

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Steve Bliesner Returns To Speak At PBX ’24

Since the beginning of PBX almost 9 years ago, Steve Bliesner has consistently been one of our best received and most requested speakers. Well, Steve is back and PBX/MEX Key Pass holders will hear his latest updates and keys to success on opening day, Monday February 19 at 2 pm.
Steve Bliesner is the founder and Creative Director of Australian-based companies: The Photo Booth Guys and At the Beep. He is regarded as an “out of the box” thinker… with over 15 years of experience in the Photo Booth and Events Industry,

Psst.. follow his creative nonsense on TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJMsXPrw/ and or Instagram http://instagram.com/heyok.co/

From The PBX Archive: A Unique Up Sell For The Event Experience

After a flurry of activity, with a constant flow of wedding reception guests to my photo booth, I finally had a moment to breathe, grab a sip of water and get ready for the next onslaught of revelers.

Just then, a little flower girl (maybe five or six years old) who had been a regular “customer” all evening, came back to the booth yet again, this time dragging an uncle. I dutifully deployed the small road case I had been using to raise the little lady up high enough for the camera to capture, and waited through another session of four photos.

After an evening with “babysitter” tacked onto my photo booth operator job description (the flower girl wasn’t the only excited youngster in attendance), my patience was starting to fray a little, and I caught myself grumbling internally as I ducked back into the booth to remove the road case. The kids were just being kids, but it can get tiring after a while. (Especially when the partying parents are AWOL…but I digress.)

I handed the photo prints to the flower girl (she had to distribute them to all of her photo-mates, of course), and as she passed one on to her uncle, she held her own copy out in front of her and said loudly, “I’m gonna keep this forever!”

We all know that particular photo print is likely already lost, discarded or destroyed. However, that little moment led me to a bigger realization about the symbiotic relationship between DJs and photo booths. It’s all about making memories.


Wedding DJs, in particular, are aware of their responsibility in the creation of the memories that make up a “successful” reception. All the vendors have their parts to play, of course, but as MC/host, musical entertainer, and often event coordinator, the savvy wedding jock understands how important his or her personal performance in all areas is truly essential to the event’s overall success.

Along with music programming, mixing, hosting, etc., most DJs also offer extras like uplighting, monogram gobos, video, and more. Over the last decade, one of those “more” items has risen above the rest in importance  for many DJ companies: photo booths.

Based on the little epiphany I described above, along with about three years of experience as a photo booth operator (running a fully enclosed, touchscreen setup with printer, requiring a good deal of operator involvement), I see the DJ-photo booth relationship as qualitatively different from any of the other typical add-ons. Why?

The photo booth is a perfect counterpart to the DJ’s “creation” of a memorable event. With a photo booth complementing the DJ’s performance, the guests have a chance to create a visual reminder to jog their memories of the wonderful event. And who better to provide that memory aid than the one orchestrating the wonderful memories in the first place?

(I realize that photo booths can also be great for photographers and videographers to offer, but I would argue that they make the most sense either as a DJ offering or as a stand-alone service.)

Sure, the photo booth experience is about being in the moment (often being quite silly in the moment!). However, it’s also about capturing and saving that moment of fun at a joyous occasion. Whether they’re uploaded to a Facebook feed, under a magnet on someone’s fridge, or in a pile of prints for newlyweds to enjoy, the images from a great event create an afterglow of joy for guests and couples alike. They provide a tangible reminder that augments the photo booth user’s personal memory of the experience. Sometimes they even help a guest remember how much fun the DJ was, when it comes time to plan their OWN event. —  Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh is the Chief Content Editor and Curator for Mobile Beat. In addition, he has been working Photo Booths for a DJ/Photo Booth Multi-Op in Rochester, NY for the past 3 years.

PBX Jumps To 13 On 10times.com Top Trade Show List

10times.com is the #1 resource for discovering trade shows and conferences that serve a particular interest or demographic. According to the site header, 10times is “The only global event ranking table to calibrate the performance of events in their core missions after carefully considering factors like : audience reach, opportunities created, size, rating, format and international outlook.”

The number of events the site covers is quite astounding, so, each year, to help break it down, 10times.com compiles a Top 100 list for their major categories. For the second year in row, Photo Booth Expo has made the list. For 2018, PBX ranked as the #38 Trade show & Conference among the TOP 100 Photography & Imaging Events.

The most recent list shows PBX making a substantial gain, moving up to the #13 spot. Given that the list includes some of the world’s most prestigious and respected events, this places Photo Booth Expo, and the Photo Booth industry in a very good light globally.

From The PBX Archive: How Photo Booths Escaped Extinction and Became FOMO Generators

A machine named Queso wants me to pose like a spy. A short video shows three people making finger guns, backs against one another, and even though I feel awkward doing this alone in the middle of a Las Vegas convention show floor, I oblige. Next, Queso says to pretend like I’m thinking, and I’m beginning to understand why this photo booth was named after cheese. Finally, it tells me to jump around. I hop a few times until Queso floods me with light for the final time. Then I quickly gather my things and move behind the machine to retrieve a copy of my pictures.

Read the rest at The Verge

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