2024 Photo Booth Expo Presenters

Once again, Photo Booth Expo is proud and honored to bring you a seminar schedule packed with great information and new ideas to help you build your business. More information on our presenters is forthcoming, but here’s the list of who will be speaking and when (subject to change). Scott Faver will again be the MC and Tech expert.


Seminars for PBX and MEX Key Pass Holders are  Monday from 12-6 and Tuesday from 9-5.
The exhibit floor is open Tuesday from 5-9 PM,  Wednesday from 11-5, and Thursday from 10-2.

There are also parties for key pass holders Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights in the Showroom beginning at 8PM.

Sponsored Seminars & Master Classes

Wednesday, February 21st

11AM — Darren HughesEvent Intelligence: The Game-Changing Event Booking, Planning, Management Platform

Event Intelligence is the industry’s original and most trusted event booking, planning, and management platform, trusted by thousands of DJs and photo booth operators in over two dozen countries since 2002. Give your clients a best-in-class experience. Event Intelligence transforms your existing website into a full-service portal, allowing prospective clients to check your availability, request a quote, generate a contract, make a payment, and log into a secure event portal to fill out planning forms, timelines, request lists, surveys, and more. Clients can plan their entire event from their smartphone. Event Intelligence will digitally store all your event information in one secure location, accessible 24/7 by you and your staff. Event Intelligence will organize your schedule of events and sync with your calendar or smartphone. Event Intelligence seamlessly integrates with popular apps and devices like Spotify, Promo Only, Mailchimp, iPhone, Android, PayPal, and more. Live demo, no sales pitch. Seating is limited.

1PM — Eddie Barber – 360s: Platforms vs. Overhead/Top Spinners, and Motorized vs. Manual
Hear insightful information from the original conceptualist/Inventor of 360 – Including the Pros and Cons of each, Software or “Bare”, Why “Ring lights” and “Tube lights” are generally NOT 360 friendly, as well as Why the “copycat Knockoffs” push them).

About Eddie: With 50+ years in the Entertainment & Event Industries, Eddie’s creations and work have earned him numerous awards. Along with being the 1st person inducted into the PBX “Hall Of Fame,” Eddie has multiple Emmys, Oscars, “Pick of Show” awards from NAB, Gold & Platinum Records… the list goes on.  He has received numerous Certificates of Appreciation from various Cities across the US. His contributions were instrumental in getting laws changed to make it Legal to “Work From Home” (which almost every 360 Booth Operator does). In addition to 360s (both Platform & Overhead/Top Spinners, both manual and motorized) which have become the BEST “Side Hustle” EVER, he also invented the Hand Held Camera Stabilizer, the Emmy Award winning Camera Boom (crane/jib), the Emmy Award winning EZ Prompter (TelePrompTer), a credit card size MicroCam (predecessor to GoPro), and the multiple award-winning 24P (which allows video to look like film). He has also won the biggest contest in the history of MTV for Directing (1st for a Madonna MV, then for a Michael Jackson MV), $20K for a “Mannequin Challenge” (that helped raise about $400K for numerous Charities) and a Brand New Car for a Chrysler Commercial he created.

2PM — Intro To Glambot™ with McLain Harvey and Trent Canales: Join CEO McLain Harvey and Lead Engineer,
Trey Canales as they cover all things Glambot™. Learn about implementation, best practices, capabilities and more,
with deep dive into these four key areas:
• Setup and Opertation
• Capture Capbilities
• Basic Troubleshooting
• Integrating Glambot™ into your business



Trent Canales – Glambot™

About McLain Harvey: McLain is the CEO and co-founder of Pixster Photo Booths. Pixster is one of the largest photo booth rental companies in the country with more than 7,000 events per year. In 2020, McLain started Glambot™ with the vision of bringing cinematic robots to the photo booth industry.

About Trent Canales: Trent worked as a lead engineer for Apple before forming his own consulting firm. Trent joined Glambot™ in 2022 as the lead engineer and project manager. He has a broad acumen in engineering and is a true master at what he does.



4PM — Wally Carnes – Darkroom Booth From Start to Finish – There is so much you do with Darkroom Booth, and nobody better than Wally Carnes to walk you through it. Darkroom Booth includes everything you need to create and operate a photo entertainment experience that attendees, staff and you will love, and because of its popularity, Wally’s seminars are typically standing room only. This year, you have two opportunities to hear Wally’s presentation :Set Your Business Up For Success with Darkroom Booth.

5PM — Wally Carnes (see above))



Thursday February 22, 2024

11AM – Ryan Jacobs from Spot My Photos – More information coming shortly.

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