Going on the PBX/MB cruise is a great excuse to wear your worst..

As you may have heard, the Carnival Dream was in the news this past week – and yes, that’s the same big boat we’ll all be heading out on in November. Apparently a water line break drenched 50 staterooms. It was all cleaned up and dried out within six hours, but unfortunately, one of the passengers saw this as an opportunity to strike social media gold, and posted a facebook video that scored a titanic amount of attention (That video has since disappeared). If you have ever cruised on one of these super-sized ships, you know that 50 staterooms is quite insignificant. Social Media being what it is, Carnival was not about too ignore the potential for bad press and reacted quickly and smartly.

Of course, part of the fun of cruising is the free pass you get to throw good fashion sense out the porthole and wear your some of you silliest shirts and shorts. To that end, talk of an ugly shirt contest has already started. Check it out the Cruise’s official facebook group page.

If you are still on the fence about signing up for the upcoming PhotoBoothExpo/MobileBeat cruise – here’s a link to a full page of frequently asked questions that should prove quite helpful in making your decision.

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