Alternative Revenue Streams For Photo Booth Ops

Diversification is essential to the continued, long term growth of any business. If your schedule is packed tight to the gills – Congratulations! If not, you may want to consider some other products and services to fill the gaps.

At this year’s Photo Booth Expo, one of the KEY SEMINARS will focus on alternative ways to generate cash during those (hopefilly rare) times your Photo Booth isn’t booked out. This panel discussion (operative word is ‘discussion’) will be moderated by Robert Lindquist, Mike Fernino and Rob Peters. Guests will include Greg Tutwiler, representing the Christian Wedding Chaplains Association, CWCA is non-profit organization created specifically to ordain and train Photo Booth owners (as well as DJs) who want to legally officiate weddings. 

Wertz Werkz, a manufacturer and supplier of various portable carnival games, will also be represented along with a school photographer, and game rental company. Audience participation will be encouraged. More details forthcoming. The seminar will be Wednesday March 14, at 9AM.

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