So, there you are, minding your own business, just walking through the exhibit hall, when, all of a sudden, you get that feeling… the feeling that you are being followed. As you turn and look, a soft flash goes off—and there’s your photo, displayed on a big screen with an invite to download it to your phone.

It’s name is OCCO, and while some attendees found it a bit spooky with shades of “Big Brother is watching,” most everyone agreed that it was one of the coolest exhibits at the 2017 Photo Booth Expo. The good news is, OCCO, and it’s creator, Greg Shirakyan will be back at the 2018 show (March 11-14 / Westgate, Las Vegas).

Greg is the CEO of Emergent Machines, Inc. where he created OCCO. Previously, Greg was a Robotics Researcher at Microsoft Research (Redmond, WA), and held a number of engineering and technical leadership roles at companies large and small all over the US and abroad. Greg’s background is inTheoretical Physics and Computer Science. In addition to introducing OCCO to the attendees, Greg will be speaking about “Robotics, AI and Entertainment”

Greg Shirakyan

OCCO’s purpose is simply to engage and entertain at parties, events and venues. As you walk by, OCCO’s intelligent head follows but won’t snap a photo until it sees your face. A large live view screen creates a mirror-like experience, so you see yourself before the photo is taken. According to Greg Shirakyan , “It takes only a few seconds of engagement for people to understand the purpose and function of OCCO. Even a three year-old can interact with OCCO without any help.”

A lot of innovation is happening in the fields of AI, Computer Vision and Human-Machine interaction. What does it mean for the event and entertainment industry? What are the trends to watch out for? In his talk, Greg we’ll take a look at the latest developments and look into the future of automated photo-tainment.

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