Exhibitor News: First, I would like to thank HITI for being a sponsor and exhibitor at Photo Booth Expo since the beginning. Hiti has been offering the photo booth community a wide array of quality dye sub printers for many years now and continues to up the game with their latest offering, the 525L.

When HITI asked me to review their new 525L, I was especially honored as I have been using one of their earlier printers, the P510L, for several years. The P510L has proven to be extremely dependable. I use 2 of them in my business and have never had a breakdown. 5 years running and they continue to provide the same high quality output and color that they did on day one.

So, I just unboxed the 525L yesterday. Two great things caught my attention right off the bat. First, you can go 500 prints without a paper and ribbon change. Changing paper and ribbon is not something any Photo Booth operator looks forward to, especially when facing a lineup of 50 people waiting to use the booth. It is such a relief to be able to go 500 prints between paper changes, rather than the 330 I had been used to. The 12.8 second print speed for 4×6 is among the fastest in the market and I am thrilled that I can now buy 1000 prints for just a bit more than I used to pay for 660 prints—this has lowered the cost per print by a considerable amount.

The second thing that struck me was just how simple it is to load the paper and ribbon. I like things easy and intuitive and loading the paper and ribbon into the 525L is about as easy as it gets. There’s a simple guide right on the printer, it takes less than five minutes. Understand, of course, that I have had a lot of experience with many different dye sub printers, so while it may not be as easy for everyone, even beginners should have it mastered after just a few tries.

I look forward to many years of productive use with the new 525L and once I have had it out on a few jobs, I’ll report back on how well it’s performing—But I predict it will be just as rock solid as my P510Ls, which are still in use.

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