Don’t Buy Their B.S.

While this primarily applies to the exhibitors (because attendee information is kept confidential) it has been brought to our attention once again that certain so-called “room wholesalers” have been contacting PBX/MEX exhibitors and trying to sell rooms for the show at a discounted rate. Often, they will imply that they are associated with the show, or that there are only a limited number of rooms left— it’s B.S. Don’t buy it.

It’s true that when the room block fills, the remaining rooms are sold at a higher rate—but we are not there yet and (as in the past) we will warn everyone when we are approaching that point.

In the latest case, we learned that one of these “room wholesalers” was offering rooms at $119 (our show rate is $85). They pushed that “only 7 rooms are left” hoping for a quick FOMO sale. The truth is, that while we are closer to filling our room block compared with were we have been in previous years, we still have rooms available. That said, it is in your best interest to book your rooms before they fill up (which will happen at some point, usually a month or 2 before the show).

We did contact South Point regarding this matter — The following warning is the wording of which they provided:


Please be vigilant if dealing with any companies or services other than PBX that imply or claim an affiliation with the PBX or MEX. We have been made aware of other housing companies that may be aggressively pursuing you, or your company, to book your guest rooms through their company at supposedly significant discounts.

Unfortunately, some attendees and exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies in the past and have either: lost their significant deposits; been relocated with little or no warning; have not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked; or have not received reservations at the hotel they had thought were confirmed. This has caused great hardships and significant financial loss to these companies and individuals.

If you have not yet booked your rooms for the show we encourage you to either CALL SOUTH POINT and tell them you are with Photo Booth Expo or Mobile Entertainment Expo for the special rate or go to or and click the BOOK YOUR ROOM link to get to the PBX/MEX pre-populated page which will get you the best rate.

Don’t wait ’til it is too late to book your room

Our special rates are in effect only until we fill our room block or the month before the show, whichever comes first. Last year, some late bookers paid DOUBLE or MORE what the people paid in the 4100 room night block just because they waited ’til the last minute. YOU TAKE NO RISK BY BOOKING THE ROOM NOW! The risk you take is if you do not book now and then end up paying double in the last minute.

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