Social Media Reboot – From the basics up to, and including, AI with Jordan St. Jacques and Mike Marquez

In any business, the most important rule is reaching potential customers and retaining your current ones. In 2024 social media is one of the biggest keys for success. With so many platforms where do you even start? Join the leading industry experts Mike Márquez and Jordan St. Jacques for the answers you need. First, content king Mike Márquez from New York City refreshes on the basics as they are in today’s world and what you need to take home and use alongside your day-to-day workflow. From there, Jordan St. Jacques from Canada takes over with a power session on elevating your potential clients, and finishes up with some discussion on Social Media and how to use AI. In an hour, have the tools to take you to the next level in your hometown.


About Jordan: When it comes to helping Photoboothers and Disc Jockeys all across the world with respect to improving how they look and perform online, Jordan St Jacques is at the very top of the industry. Having spoken at PBX since 2018 and for every year of MEX, Jordan has offered sage advice on all things Websites, SEO, Social and more. Jordan owns and operates Canada’s and has recently published a new platform called He will be at PBX/MEX 2024, and always available for a chat.





About Mike:

Mike Wedaa presents Corporations & LLCs: Secret Strategies for Small Business Owners at PBX 2024

Take a look at the exciting side of corporations and LLCs.  Revisit some of the basics while exploring advanced, secret strategies for getting the most out of your corporation/LLC. 
  • Discover the real difference between an C corp, S corp, and LLC.
  • Learn how you can build $250k plus in business credit not attached to your personal SSN.
  • Explore advanced never-heard-of-before tax saving and asset protection strategies that relate specifically to the photobooth/event business.

About Mike: Michael Wedaa is the author of the best-selling book, Corporation and LLC Secrets and speaks about the benefits of incorporating all over the country. He is a respected business consultant and has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Michael also is a guest instructor at UCLA and teaches Econ students about the various business structures.

Scott Kartsounces to Speak on “Losing Your Name: The High Stakes of Ignoring Trademark Protection”

In today’s cutthroat economy, the stakes have never been higher. Your company’s name is your most valuable asset and it’s under constant threat from competitors, cyber-squatters, and even companies in other markets. Don’t get dragged down. Join us for a seminar that will change the way you protect your business and reputation while standing out as the authoritative leader in your market.

Presenter Scott Kartsounes manages a portfolio of over a hundred trademarks for his businesses. In this lightning-speed educational seminar, Scott will unveil the secrets to securing your trademark, unleashing its full potential, and catapulting your brand to the top of the ladder.

Learn how to assess whether your company name qualifies to be trademarked, the exact steps to register your trademark in the U.S., the typical fees and timeline, and how to prepare for potential obstacles that could arise.

About Scott: Scott Kartsounes is the co-founder of Intelligence, Inc., developers of Event Intelligence®—the game-changing event booking, planning, and management platform trusted by thousands of DJs and photo booth operators in over two dozen countries. Intelligence, Inc. is also developer of Party Blast™, the go-to online event directory featuring thousands of top-notch event professionals in the U.S. & Canada.

 Scott Kartsounes holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago, an MBA from National Louis University, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School. Scott also owned and operated one of the largest and most successful mobile entertainment companies in Chicago from 1990 to 2003.

Your brand’s future is on the line. Join us for this seminar and let Scott Kartsounes equip you with the trademark knowledge you need to conquer the competition and rise to the top.

Disclaimer: This presentation is for informational purposes only. Scott Kartsounes is not an attorney. The information provided in this seminar is opinion only and is not intended to be legal advice. You are advised to consult with a qualified attorney with questions specific to your situation.

Poker Tournament Returns

With over 100 players, last year’s PBX/MEX poker tournament was a huge success! Because it was, they are again giving us our own dedicated poker room (next to the main poker room). It is again going to be on Wednesday night and almost everything will be the same—except the winners (and maybe some will repeat)
A big shout out to Andy Starr of NAME who has been organizing these tournaments from year #1.
To register just go to which also has a bunch of pictures of last year’s tournament. You pay nothing to enter now. All payments are to the casino on the night of the tournament.

Ursula McKinley To Speak On “How to get noticed and booked by corporate clients” at PBX24

Want to turn a $500 photo booth into a $5000 photo marketing job?

Join Ursula McKinley to learn how to get noticed and booked by corporate clients this February. Capturing the attention of corporate clients can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it can be achieved. In this session we will explore:
* How and where to position your brand for corporate clients
* Building a professional network and relationships
* Tools that sell to corporate clients. Ursula will be speaking in in the PBX presentation room at South Point at 9AM on Tuesday February 20, 2024

About Ursula: Ursula McKinley is a seasoned marketer with an impressive track record of 20 years in the industry, covering PR, Branding, Marketing and Event Management. With a career that includes working with major global brands such as Hilton, Subway and Google, she has earned a reputation as a leader in her field.

In 2015, Ursula took on one of her first freelance clients, the first mirror photo booth company in Ireland, and co-founded Media Lab NI in 2016. The company now hosts 19 different photo booth products, with Ursula and the team utilize various software to deliver 300 weddings and 200 corporate events annually, as well as managing large corporate activations and permanent installs across Europe, Ireland, and the UK. Ursula later expanded her marketing expertise to support 22 photo booth companies worldwide before developing a concept with her business partner, Sammy English, to help booth owners professionally position and market their businesses with a monthly marketing subscription website,

Today, Ursula and the team have created over 650 professional marketing videos, 9,000 professional marketing images, 250 hours of training, over 150 ebooks and downloadable resources such as pitch decks; while mentoring over 3,000 owners worldwide. She has helped new owners grow their businesses sustainably and even assisted them in securing many six-figure jobs. Ursula has also helped to create and launch 175 photo booth brands, their marketing materials, and websites.

Steve Bliesner Returns To Speak At PBX ’24

Since the beginning of PBX almost 9 years ago, Steve Bliesner has consistently been one of our best received and most requested speakers. Well, Steve is back and PBX/MEX Key Pass holders will hear his latest updates and keys to success on opening day, Monday February 19 at 2 pm.
Steve Bliesner is the founder and Creative Director of Australian-based companies: The Photo Booth Guys and At the Beep. He is regarded as an “out of the box” thinker… with over 15 years of experience in the Photo Booth and Events Industry,

Psst.. follow his creative nonsense on TikTok: and or Instagram

Book Your Rooms With The Show For The Best Rate And Most Security

Don’t Buy Their B.S.

While this primarily applies to the exhibitors (because attendee information is kept confidential) it has been brought to our attention once again that certain so-called “room wholesalers” have been contacting PBX/MEX exhibitors and trying to sell rooms for the show at a discounted rate. Often, they will imply that they are associated with the show, or that there are only a limited number of rooms left— it’s B.S. Don’t buy it.

It’s true that when the room block fills, the remaining rooms are sold at a higher rate—but we are not there yet and (as in the past) we will warn everyone when we are approaching that point.

In the latest case, we learned that one of these “room wholesalers” was offering rooms at $119 (our show rate is $85). They pushed that “only 7 rooms are left” hoping for a quick FOMO sale. The truth is, that while we are closer to filling our room block compared with were we have been in previous years, we still have rooms available. That said, it is in your best interest to book your rooms before they fill up (which will happen at some point, usually a month or 2 before the show).

We did contact South Point regarding this matter — The following warning is the wording of which they provided:


Please be vigilant if dealing with any companies or services other than PBX that imply or claim an affiliation with the PBX or MEX. We have been made aware of other housing companies that may be aggressively pursuing you, or your company, to book your guest rooms through their company at supposedly significant discounts.

Unfortunately, some attendees and exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies in the past and have either: lost their significant deposits; been relocated with little or no warning; have not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked; or have not received reservations at the hotel they had thought were confirmed. This has caused great hardships and significant financial loss to these companies and individuals.

If you have not yet booked your rooms for the show we encourage you to either CALL SOUTH POINT and tell them you are with Photo Booth Expo or Mobile Entertainment Expo for the special rate or go to or and click the BOOK YOUR ROOM link to get to the PBX/MEX pre-populated page which will get you the best rate.

Don’t wait ’til it is too late to book your room

Our special rates are in effect only until we fill our room block or the month before the show, whichever comes first. Last year, some late bookers paid DOUBLE or MORE what the people paid in the 4100 room night block just because they waited ’til the last minute. YOU TAKE NO RISK BY BOOKING THE ROOM NOW! The risk you take is if you do not book now and then end up paying double in the last minute.

PHOTO BOOTH EXPO EUROPE – An Incredible Experience!

The first ever PBX Europe is now history, and it’s safe to say it exceeded all expectations. Now, with hugely successful shows on both sides of the Atlantic. the promoters are looking at other interesting locations and venues. Perhaps somewhere in the EU. Stay tuned.

If you were unable to make this year’s spectacular event, here’s is a short video of what you missed.

If you are coming to PBX24 in Las Vegas, and don’t yet have your passes, you can beat the next price increase with the show code and the vendor codes by registering at and entering promo code PBXSHOW2024 .

For the DJs who wish to go to the seminars of both Photo Booth Expo and Mobile Entertainment Expo go to and register with code MEXSHOW2024 .

Silent Sound System to Exhibit at PBX

While the PBX exhibit floor is officially full up for 2024 (Complete exhibitor list coming soon), there are a sprinkling of open spots on the MEX (Mobile Entertainment Expo) side. The latest to be added is Silent Sound System.

For those PhotoBooth operators that also offer music services, Silent Discos are only becoming more and more popular. Silent Sound System’s three unique channels of audio provide your listeners the power of choice. For the party host trying to avoid noise complaints, Silent Sound System is the noise ordinance solution to help you gain wider appeal and leave people talking.

Silent Sound System is incredibly user-friendly: simply plug the included RCA to 3.5mm cable into your transmitter and audio source, and you’re ready to transmit your sound. Being easy to use is only one thing that sets our Silent Disco Headphones apart. The company also provides FREE custom branding with your logo, FREE heavy-duty plastic totes for storage and transportation, FREE Headphone Management Binder for keeping track of your headphones, and FREE product support. If you want hassle-free Silent Disco equipment, Check out Silent Sound System on the exhibit floor at the 2024 MEX/PBX show.

NEW SEMINAR ANNOUNCED – “Mastering Mitzvahs”

Just announced for the 2024 PBX/MEX show,


Since 1987, “go to” guy Howard Wallach has been producing diverse high-octane entertainment events across North America. Keeping with the theme of “Even More In ’24,” PBX/MEX, Howard will be joining an exceptional line up of presenters.

Mastering Mitzvahs: There’s a lot of money to be made by Mobile Entertainers who understand the finer points of mitzvahs. Sharing useable information and inspiration WITH IMPACT is Howard Wallach’s pleasure. You’ll learn how to take charge with energizing tips for marketing to Jewish families, how to manage client expectations, and how to create the perfect party agenda. Howard will also be explaining how to scout & train your interactive team—all with the goal of adding value at every event with great results.

Howard Wallach, CGSP® Motivational Speaker / Educator. He began by wowing families as a bar mitzvah party Disc Jockey to now one of the most polished and professional traveling entertainers for corporate events and meetings.
This “Top Dawg” has trained and coached his team to consistently deliver outstanding interactive experiences.
It’s no small thing to stay relevant, fresh, and exciting – providing regular production and performance work for his staff week in and week out after so many years. 2020 Became a Certified Guest Service Professional®

Energy is Energy . . . it never lies
Do more of what makes you happy

NOTE: This seminar requires a A MEX Key Pass which gives you your choice of both MEX and PBX seminars, both exhibit floors and all the show parties. Enter promo code MEXSHOW2024 for the best price. Prices with the promo code go up soon so get your passes today.

Don’t have your passes yet? CLICK HERE

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