How do you collaborate with your colleagues and still stand out?

You’re familiar with the saying “A rising tide raises all ships.” In this session, Lexine Menard, owner of Lexibooth, and Catalina Bloch, of MDRN Photobooth, will talk about the benefits of building a community with your competition. Lexine and Catalina both operate separate companies in Ottawa, Quebec, and, in just a few short years, they have managed to find success by strategically targeting specific customers and refining their product to best serve their target audiences.

As Catalina explains, “Lexine and I live in the same small city, we own the same equipment and yet we both have thriving businesses. We communicate regularly with each other. It is important to teach others in the business how to work with their “competition” rather than seeing them as the enemy. We will relate this the importance of creating your brand and targeting your niche clients.”

How can you be number 1 in your market for your own niche? Attend this seminar and learn how creating relationships with your colleagues can help you all succeed.

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