Photo Booth Expo Show producer, Rob Savickis, has announced that Chris Breeze has been added to the extraordinary line up of presenters for the 5th Anniversary PBX. Chris will speak on “Choosing the Right Camera for Your Booth” Tuesday morning at 9AM.

As a Photo Booth operator, you always want to achieve the best results possible, so that your customers walk away with the best possible images. In this Keynote Presentation, Chris will answer questions like; Will I get better results with an iPad or DSLR camera? Should I use the latest expensive DSLR or will an entry level model work just as well? What sort of camera is best for slow-mo? Can I just use the camera built into my laptop?

You’ll learn how to pick the best camera for your business without wasting $$$ on features you don’t need.

Chris has an unparalleled worldwide reputation for his expertise controlling single and multiple cameras. Breeze software is relied on for photo booths, multi-camera apps,  blockbuster films and other photo applications from the Antarctic to the Olympics.

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