2019 Key Pass Conferences


Seminars — Sunday 2/24: Noon-7p.  Monday 2/25: 9a-5p.  Tuesday 2/26: 9a-11a
Show Floor: Monday 2/25: Open to Key Pass Holders at 5p. Open for attendees 6-9
Tuesday 2/26: 11a-5p. Wednesday 2/27: 10a-2p.
Specific times for seminars to be announced later.

Along with the extensive exhibit hall, Photo Booth Expo offers a comprehensive slate of qualified speakers, with highly educational presentations that explore all facets of growing a Photo Booth business. Here’s a preview of some of the talented speakers (with topic descriptions) who will be taking the stage at Photo Booth Expo 2019!

Make Social Media = Money! — Vanessa Joy

Ever wonder why everyone but you is getting leads and booking couples through social media? Join Vanessa Joy to learn what you can do to maximize exposure and engage clients on two of the biggest social platforms.





You’ll learn:
Tips for what and how to post
How to get people contacting you
Better methods for communicating (nobody reads anymore!)

Vanessa Joy began her photographic journey in 1998. She has since earned 5 college degrees, received a PPA Photographic Craftsman degree, been named a WeddingWire Education Expert. Recognized for her talent and her business sense, her audiences enjoy her generous, informative and open-book style of teaching.

Closing Large Corporate Events with Proposals— Catalina Bloch

In this course, Catalina will teach you exactly how to close on corporate clients and corporate event planners. She will go over the following 3 main points and even include a sample proposal that you can download to start sending to your clients.
• What Corporations and Corporate Event Planners are looking for
• How to structure your message to them
• How to deliver a stellar proposal that will help you close more large events

Catalina is the founder of MDRN Photobooth Company. In 3 short years, she grew her booth company from 1 booth in one city to 9 booths in 3 cities. Cat shares her knowledge freely through her photobooth training website, educational videos like Secrets To Running a 6 Figure Photobooth Business and weekly with Photobooth Supply Co Social Media.

How to Hire and Inspire So You Can Retire—Brandon Wong

You’re busy. Insanely busy. You’ve thought about growing your team… but have no time, no money, and no idea on how to execute. How can your business support the salary of another person, let alone yourself? Brandon explains, “My wife and I lived that life for two years before hiring our first employee which tripled our business overnight. Since then, we’ve now hired dozens of people, made many mistakes, and learned a ton along the way. In my presentation, you’ll understand how to hire and inspire so that you can work less and ‘retire.'”





Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos started Photobooth Supply Co as a married couple in 2013. For two years they built the company to seven figures without hiring a single employee. Two years later, they hired their first team member and exponentially grew the business overnight while cutting their workload in half. Since then, the company has hired dozens of people, made many mistakes, and learned a ton along the way. 

How To Succeed In Business: The Entrepreneurial Mindset—Justin Jowett

If you have ever wondered why some Photo Boothers are more successful than others (even though they appear to be offering the same thing) then this is the talk for you. To truly succeed in any business you need to act like an Entrepreneur. This is easier said than done. Justin will teach you the ways in which you can start changing your mindset right now and begin on the path to achieving greater results than you ever imagined.

Justin Jowett_Video

After managing numerous retail businesses for others Justin broke free of the rat race to start his own photo booth business in 2010. He spent nearly 5 yrs growing and nurturing it and achieving financial and personal freedom. In 2014 he sold it to explore the opportunity to help other boothers with cost effective marketing by creating the first photo booth lead generation network: Photobooth Finder. It was at this time he also started to change his mindset after attending business education seminars and truly began his entrepreneurial journey. This change in mindset and the people he met lead him to start 2 more highly successful businesses: BoothCon and Booth Cover Insurance. He recently sold Photobooth Finder to focus more on helping more boothers with his consulting business and is looking forward to again sharing his knowledge, stories and expertise at PBX19.

The Power of Personalization with Props — Amber Warren

Let’s talk about props! Personalization is becoming an essential component of any successful photo booth company. In this session, Amber Warren from Propmaster will provide insight on how you can use props to: upsell your basic booth packages, attract new clients, build brand loyalty, create online content and to enhance the overall experience that you offer. After attending the session, attendees will walk away with measurable objectives, an Instagram post and a little bit of sparkle.

Attendees will learn how to use props to:
• Upsell their basic booth packages
• Attract new clients
• Build their own brand loyalty
• Create content for their online presence
• Enhance the overall experience they offer

About Amber:  “By trade, I am a Designer. I have a diploma in Graphic Design and a degree in Creative Advertising. I started Propmaster 3 years ago when I realized that the Photo Booth Industry was modernizing but the props were staying the same – they were generic, cheap and tacky looking. I then decided to use my background and expertise in Graphic Design to start making custom, high quality photo booth props. Over the passed 3 years I have worked with over 50 photo booths for multiple events, designed and made over 300 custom prop orders (6000 props), and just recently auditioned and then filmed a segment for Canada’s entrepreneur TV show Dragon’s Den. “

Setting Up Systems That Work — Ryan Salinas

Have you ever put SO MUCH time and energy into running your photo booth business you’re absolutely exhausted and don’t have time for marketing or even time for yourself? There’s a lot more to running photo booths than just making sure your attendants show up on time, and in this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to set up systems so that once your client sends you their information, your systems take over and you don’t have to do tasks twice.
We’ll cover how to:
– Identify the tasks you can create systems around to help save
– Set those systems up to help you work more efficiently;
– Leverage tools and software that will help you work smarter.
If you’re ready to start creating systems for your photobooth business that will create freedom and success, then this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn:
Tips for what and how to post
How to get people contacting you
Better methods for communicating (nobody reads anymore!)

Ryan Salinas is a photographer, designer, International speaker and business consultant. Currently he operates URBNevents, an
event photography studio specializing in large corporate brand activations. Ryan has be fortunate enough to have styled events and activations for President Barack Obama, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Oprah Winfrey as well as an extensive client list including the NFL at Super Bowl 51 in Houston, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and countless weddings. Ryan is a co-host on the podcast Super BoothersR. A podcast that gives Photo Booth business owners advice, tips, tricks, and strategies by way of interviewing industry professionals on their expertise.

Simple Pricing and Packaging Strategies — Matt Goatcher

In this talk, Matt will dig deep into pricing and packaging strategies. You’ll be prepared to answer the ever so common question: “How much will it cost?”. By combining data from tens of thousands of event bookings with years of web development consulting across a wide range of industries, Matt Goatcher brings a unique take on what works and what doesn’t when selling online.  He’ll cover base packages, up-selling add-ons and other ways to increase your revenue. Discover strategies for using coupons or discounts to actually increase your bottom line, not lower it.  We’ll also delve into ways you can position yourself to get new and repeat customers.  The photo booth market is increasingly competitive, but with the tips and tricks you’ll learn in this presentation, you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level.

3 key takeaways – how will the attendee be better off having spent 45 minutes listening to your seminar.

1. New ways to think about how you present your service.
2. Up-selling ideas you can actually implement.
3. Great ways to answer “How much will it cost”.


Matt Goatcher is the co-creator of Check Cherry, a photo booth business management solution.  In addition, Matt has worked as a consultant for over 15 years to large and small companies where he helps analyze business problems and implement custom software solutions for them.   Matt was recognized as Riverside California’s 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Effective Websites Don’t Have To Be Fancy — Judd Lillestrand

An effective website does not have to be expensive. In this session, Judd Lillestrand brings lessons learned from years of experience as a professional web developer. You’ll learn simple and actionable ways to optimize your website for converting more visitors into paying clients. Find out why less can so often be more, learn ways to reduce the fear and uncertainty and prompt people to take the next step with tried and true call-to-actions. Discover ways to increase quality leads, increase clarity and establish the value in your service. Whether you build your website or hire a professional, you’ll leave this presentation something to act on when you get home.

1. Actionable ways to reduce the fear and uncertainty of website visitors.
2. Several great call-to-action ideas to test.
3. Ideas to clearly establish the value of one’s services.


Judd Lillestrand is the co-founder of Check Cherry, a platform designed to make running a photo booth business better. With over 10 years of experience as a professional web developer and marketing consultant, Judd has worked with business big and small to improve their online presence. His experience includes working for Zappos.com and been interviewed by NPR and Forbes.

Succeeding with Video Marketing: Inspiration, Trends and Best Practices for Social — Jason Hsiao

Photo booth owners know better than anyone that content on social has to be  visually engaging in order to work. Video has the capacity to hook people’s attention. So, it’s no surprise that video is currently the highest performing type of content on social. In this session, co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto, Jason Hsiao, will cut to the chase and let you know what you need to start creating videos for social media that get you exposure and help build your brand. You’ll walk away with tips, tools and valuable insight into how to succeed with video marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Jason Hsiao is the co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to
create professional marketing videos. Animoto’s certified partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Small Business Administration give it unique insight into the changing social media and business landscape, which may be why more than 1 million businesses around the world have used Animoto to create marketing videos that stand out on social media and beyond. Prior to founding Animoto, Jason was a producer for MTV Networks and Comedy Central.

Never Say No to a Client Because of a Double Booking— Sidney Valenta

Today a lot of photo booth operators experience the issue of having a double booking and no machine available. Sidney will show the importance of creating and working within a network, especially in a country as big as the US. He will explain why he thinks that the future of this industry is to work altogether and how people should be able to book an event across the country because someone can operate the event for them. He’ll give his global vision of how the photo booth industry will grow in the next upcoming years, according to his experience in the US and Europe.

Sidney is the founder of the Belgian photo booth company sharingbox. Since 2013, Sidney Valenta has experienced how to build a global photo booth company. In 2016 he created Yodabooth, the retail part of sharingbox, to give the opportunity for professionals in the event industry to benefit from sharingbox experience and work with the same performant hardware and software.
The goal of Yodabooth is to give an all-in-one solution to scale and efficiently run its business.
Thanks to his experience as a global photo booth operator in 22 countries, he is an expert to give the best advice to the PBX attendees.

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