There’s a unique camaraderie between boothers in the US and Australia and most of the credit for establishing this bond goes to Justin Jowett. As a serial entrepreneur, Justin shares his experience in a practical “this works, this doesn’t” way that resonates with the professionals who attend Photo Booth Expo. Highly knowledgeable and entertaining, Justin returns to the PBX stage for the 3rd time in 2020.  His talk for #PBX2020 is entitled, “Create A Wave That Others Will Follow: A Guide to Being Successful Through Leadership.” Sit in on the seminar and learn 1) How to shift your mindset about what you do, 2) How to be a leader and gain the respect of your peers, and 3) How to identify new business opportunities.

Justin has 10 years experience in the photo booth industry as an Entrepreneur, Educator, Speaker, Community Supporter and Blogger. He has successfully founded, grown and sold 3 photo booth related businesses. His current photo booth businesses include organizing the Australian Photo Booth Expo “#BoothCon”, a photo booth insurance agency “Booth Cover“, business consulting and freelance blogging.

Justin is looking forward to returning to the PBX stage for the third time and sharing his knowledge and experiences with everyone.

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