Any business success comes down to one thing – the sales conversation. Whether you are selling for someone else, selling your own thing or selling your ideas the requirement for buy-in is conversational agility.  Since we have practiced conversations our whole life it should stand to reason that a sales conversation should be equally intuitive.  And it is not!
Business Coach and entrepreneur Jason Jones draws upon the principles of psychology and brain science to uncover what is getting in the way of your sales success and what can be done to make it easier with more predictable results.   He will demonstrate what gets in the way of effective sales conversations, and what skills, both verbal and non-verbal, you  can develop to be someone people love to buy from.
Jason will cover:
How to lead a highly influential conversation to create buy-in
What it takes to keep someones brain receptive to new ideas and consideration
Common communication habits that repeal people without us knowing it.

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