What attracted most Photo Booth operators to this industry was the perception that we had discovered a profitable business which even we could run! In fact, it really seemed as though it was tailored for average (non-Business degree accredited) people who were looking for an additional source of income, work flexibility and something fun to do. So, we all jumped in, head-first, expecting it to just work out like we imagined.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it looks from the outside and at some point (likely during the first six months of operation) there came this dawning realization that this Photo Booth thing is like all businesses: hard work!

Now here is where the average photo booth operator’s experience begins to diverge.

Either you’re the type of person who subscribes to the idea that if you work harder, but keep going as you were, and get a bit of luck to go your way, your business will right itself. Many a boother has decided on this path—but eventually the evidence suggests that all will reach a point where their enthusiasm to keep going dies along with their dreams for boothing success.

The other average boother however will instead have a light bulb moment where they realize that the reason it’s so hard is because the Photo Booth business is no different than any other business—and—if you don’t know how to run a business, you need to learn.

No one should feel disheartened by this realization. The truth is that, for most of us, we aren’t naturally interested in business for the sake of business. We are interested in the lifestyle that our own successful business can bring us and our families. With that in mind, we are now on a path that leads to education and personal development in order to find that level of success we set out to achieve.

The next obvious questions you need to be thinking about are: What do I need to learn and where can I do it?

At this point you may start to feel overwhelmed as you realize there is a ton of skillsets which need improving. The main ones you’re likely to identify are: Sales, Marketing, Financial Management, Customer Service, Leadership, Project Management, Time Management and Communication. Rather than try to fix everything at once, try to focus on improving one or two at a time. You can also outsource or employ someone to take care of the ones you don’t currently have the time or will to fix by yourself.

Let’s be realistic.

None of us have the time, money or interest to go to Business School. So where do we go to get this education and personal development? In the offline world we are lucky enough to have some fabulous industry specific events around the world like Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas and Australia’s BoothCon.

Both shows are jam packed with amazing educational content for all levels of boothes—but not everyone can make it. Many of us have commitments which restrict us from attending. Even for those that do attend can’t always attend every class and may want to revisit some of the content later.

The good news is, there is now a way to access all the amazing content right on your mobile device 365 days a year. BoothContent is the new photo booth education streaming service and (coming in late March 2020) will be home to the 2020 PBX seminars and classes. Already available are four years of BoothCon seminars and master classes with world renowned industry speakers such as Catalina Bloch, Brandon Wong and Steve Bliesner—as well a bunch of other educational, inspiration and instructional content. More content from a variety of sources is planned for the platform with its content library set to explode in the coming months so now is the time to start on your path to photo booth success through education!
Register before 31 Mar with code PROBOOTHER25 to save 25% off any access plan.

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