In January of this year, I had the pleasure and honor of being one of the speakers at #Boothcon in Melbourne, Australia. As my experience as a “Boother” is marginal, it would have been pretentious of me to speak on the specifics of operating a Photo Booth business. On the other hand, I have managed to wack my way through the tall grass of being self-employed for the last 40 odd years—starting numerous businesses, some more successful than others. So at #Boothcon, I titled my talk “Surviving Self-Employment, and one of the points dealt with the importance of having a “side-hustle.”

A show of hands determined that, for some in the audience, operating a Photo Booth business is their side-hustle, as they rely on a full or part-time job for support while they grow their business.

For others, who have reached the point where they now can rely solely on their Booth biz to pay the bills, the idea seemed a bit foreign. But the fact is, trends change so you always want to have some side line you can develop into a revenue generator if need be.

How do you do that?  Here’s a bit of good reading I stumbled on this morning by B.J. Keeton entitled, How to Build an Empire Out of Your Side Hustle. It may not have all the answers, but regardless of where you are in your journey toward self-employment, you should find something here that’s useful. Enjoy!

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