As Photo Booth companies expand and upscale their businesses to include other Mobile Entertainment options, Photo Booth Expo has found a unique opportunity to bring the top level of DJ business/performance education to South Point during #PBX2020.

In cooperation with John Young and his team at Disc Jockey News/DJNTV/PBNTV, The 2020 Photo Booth Expo welcomes the The DJNTV 2020 DJ Conference to PBX. Through this cooperative effort, DJ Companies who rent Photo Booths, and Photo Booth companies who offer DJs will now have a single event where their employees can experience the best training available.

To take advantage of all that is being offered by both educational tracks (see below) you’ll need either a FULL DJ pass, which allows access to all DJ and PBX seminars, or the DJNTV Track Upgrade ($100) available to all who have already purchased a PBX Key Pass. (Click on “Buy Tickets” and scroll all the way to the bottom).


Here’s a look at all this being offered by John Young and his team:

Ben Stowe

Monday, February 24th (Brunswick Room – DJ Full Pass or Upgrade Required)

Noon: Ben Stowe: It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: Ben will be bringing his down-home charm and crazy tech knowledge to kick off our first Las Vegas event. Ben Stowe is the tech guy on our Tuesday Night With Ben Stowe show and will be presenting some DJ and life topics with his fun, unique style!

Glenn Roush

1:00 pm: Glenn Roush: Making Money in the Modern Economy: The world economy is changing rapidly and so is the event industry.  The things that made you successful in 2015 won’t be enough to keep the doors open in this decade.  It’s time to change your business model and grow stronger (and profitable) before the next start up makes you obsolete!

2:00 pm: Dean Carlson: Climbing Out Of The Crowd: How do you stand out in a sea of DJ mediocrity? We have all been there at one point or another – wondering exactly what steps are needed to reach the goals that Dean has set for himself and his company. For years the message has been that we just need to charge this or that. Maybe we have self-detonated our own plans with the lies we tell ourselves, like “not in my market,” or we have been to seminars, read books and watched DVDs that have just the bits and pieces…but not a step by step plan. Well, this seminar is for you. Not only will Dean share how he has gotten to where he is today, but he will be offering a map to that plan and how to convey your true worth to potential clients.

Dave Ternier

3:00 pm: Dave Ternier: Word Of Mouth: Most know that word of mouth is generally considered the best form of marketing in the world. But are you fully aware of its true value and are you leveraging it to its fullest potential? Dave Ternier of Special Request Weddings will discuss what he believes is the vastly under-appreciated value of word of mouth marketing and provide some thoughts on how to better influence it in ways that’ll translate to more long term success for your business.

Sara and Jeremy Brech

4:00 pm: Sara and Jeremy Brech: Working The Business With Your Spouse: In this seminar, Jeremy joins Sara Brech as they share some insight about working with your spouse in the business. They will include some tips for those looking to bring their significant other into the business.

5:00 pm: Mitch Taylor: How to Overcome the 7 Hurdles We Face in Business: *With the Top 3 Hurdles Chosen by YOU! In this truly unique seminar, you – the audience – will determine the content that is presented! In years of coaching and training hundreds of service-based industry

Mitch Taylor

small business owners Mitch has discovered that there are 7 hurdles that we all seem to face as we grow our businesses. Do you struggle with sales? Cash flow? Employees? It’s all here! At the start of the session attendees will vote and Mitch will present on the top 3 most-requested business hurdles. Through a combination of personal stories, tangible ideas and action steps that you will implement immediately, you will be on your way to overcome the biggest challenges you face in your business.

6:00 pm: Ross Akselrad: Adding A Photo Booth Upsell To Your DJ Business: In this seminar, Ross will teach how to do it, what to buy, how to staff it, how to train your staff to do it, how to promote it, how to sell it!

7:00 pm: DJ Michael Joseph: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Virtual DJ: DJ Michael Joseph of DJNTV will do a live version of his popular Music and Mixing Show from DJNTV.

Tuesday, February 25th (Brunswick Room – DJ Full Pass or Upgrade Required)

9:00 am: Scott Faver and Mike Fernino present: DJ Idea Sharing: Scott and Mike will facilitate and share ideas to help you grow your business with real-world tips and ideas!

Ron Ruth

10:00 am: Ron Ruth: Imagination Station: Creativity lab for Wedding DJs: Disc Jockey News Writer Ron Ruth will be sharing tips for increasing your creativity as a wedding performer!

11:00 am: Brandon Steward: Supercharging Your School Dance Business: Brandon has created a brand and a business like no other! He has traveled the world as a wedding service provider and has taken his DJ business to a new level with the diversification of his services… All done at an extremely high level!

DJ Supafly

Noon: DJ Supafly: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Serato DJ: Supafly will be doing a live Serato Q and A mixing session and tutorial.

1:00 pm: Jordan Marshall and Sean ‘Big Daddy’ McKee: From Old School To New School: Jordan and Big Daddy will be sharing about how things have changed and modernizing your performance and offerings.

Johnathan Simmons

2:00 pm: Johnathan Simmons: Tips For Making More Money With Your DJ Business: DJ Woo Pig will bring it! Johnathan is here to share tips you can use TOMORROW to grow your business for 2020!

3:00 pm: Nick Spinelli: Stop Playing Line Dances! Performing For Today’s Clients: Nick will look at how performances have changed over the years and how today’s clients are looking for a different entertainment experience and how you can offer the services they want to buy.

4:00 pm: Brian S Redd: Creating The Event Soundtrack: In this session, Brian S Redd of our Tuesday night live show on DJNTV, will dig into thoughts on music selection and programming for your events. Brian’s music knowledge and passion for unique forgotten tracks assure this will be a fun session of songs you might be adding to your future sets!

Wednesday, February 26th (PBX/DJNTV Combined Seminars in Main Conference Room – NO UPGRADE REQUIRED)

9:00 am Leo Ridge: Always Ready: Having a Backup Plan When Your Event Goes Wrong: Leo likes to be super prepared! In this seminar, he will share his tips and thoughts on back up plans for those times when the unthinkable happens!

9:30 am: Lexine Menard: How to get your client to hug you (and become loyal to your brand): Photo Booth Expo is extremely pleased to announce that joining the fabulous list of presenters for #PBX2020 is Lexine Menard from Embrun, Ontario, Canada. In her presentation. Lexine will go over the key elements to creating an incomparable client-experience through every single event, ensuring stellar reviews and an unbreakable, loyal relationship between your business and your customers.

10:00 am: Drew Wash: 4 Internet Marketing Tips To Save Hundreds and Make Thousands: Social Media specialist Drew Wash will share some marketing tips you can use with your business to save $$ and yet make more sales!

11:00 am: Rick Web: Connecting and Communicating With Today’s Clients: Rick is one of the DJ Industry stars on social media! In his session, he will be sharing insights on connecting and communicating more with today’s couples effectively.

12:00 pm: Jodi and Pat Harris: Working With Destination Clients: Jodi Harris from Las Vegas is the destination wedding Queen! Jodi, Pat and their staff work with many out of town clients who are having a party or reception in Las Vegas. Jodi and Pat will share some tips and ideas on working with and planning events remotely when doing destination weddings.

Stephanie Rivkin

1:00 pm: Stephanie Rivkin: Adding Karaoke To Your DJ Business: Stephanie has been one of the most sought after karaoke (KJ) hosts in her market! Stephanie will be sharing ideas and proven methods to include karaoke with your DJ business in today’s world and make it a profitable part of your business.

2:00 pm: Mike Lenstra: Life’s a Lesson!: Disc Jockey News writer and author Mike Lenstra will be sharing stories – and the lessons he has learned from them – from his 25+ years in the DJ industry, and how those lessons have shaped his business. What stories do you have to share?

3:00 pm: Nate Nelson: Creating Relationships Through Networking: Nate Nelson will be sharing some tips and tricks to help your networking with other industry professionals with proven methods that have helped their DJ business grow to one of the strongest in the Dallas Market!

Jason Klock

4:00 pm: Jason Klock: Moving Between Part Time And Full Time: Jason Klock is a businessman and a great DJ. He has been a very successful part-time DJ as well as a full-time DJ. Jason will be wrapping up our day with tips to make you successful as either part-time or full-time… with some Q and A time at the end for you to ask those questions from an expert that has been there, done that!

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