PBX Speakers
Monday 2/19

Scott Faver

PBX Seminar Room MC


catalina Bloch

Tuesday 2/20 — 9AM

Ben Herman is a passionate entrepreneur whose love for the DJ industry began at the young age of 13. He started his own DJ business in his junior year of high school and has since worked with some big names in the industry, including Will Smith, Too Short, E40, Clinton Sparks, Paul Wall, Mims, Red Man, and Method Man of the Wutang Clan. Ben’s DJ business has become one of the most established and top-rated DJ entertainment companies in Northern California, and he was even voted the Best DJ of the North-West Coast.

In November of 2022, Herman launched ProfitableDJ to help Mobile DJs grow their business to achieve time and financial freedom. Just two months later, in January 2023, he launched ProfitFlo, a software that empowers businesses to run their entire operation with the power of automation. As his businesses continue to grow, Ben’s main focus is on mentoring and empowering others to achieve similar results through speaking engagements and mentorship programs.


Alan Berg

Tuesday 2/20 — 10AM

More information on Chris and his topic for MEX 2024 coming shortly

Steve Bleisner

Monday 2/19 — 2PM


Arif Rampuri

Monday 2/19 — 3PM


Losing Your Name: The High Stakes of Ignoring Trademark Protection – Scott Kartsounes

Monday 2/19 — 4PM

In today’s cutthroat economy, the stakes have never been higher. Your company’s name is your most valuable asset and it’s under constant threat from competitors, cyber-squatters, and even companies in other markets. Don’t get dragged down. Join us for a seminar that will change the way you protect your business and reputation while standing out as the authoritative leader in your market.

Presenter Scott Kartsounes manages a portfolio of over a hundred trademarks for his businesses. In this lightning-speed educational seminar, Scott will unveil the secrets to securing your trademark, unleashing its full potential, and catapulting your brand to the top of the ladder. Learn how to assess whether your company name qualifies to be trademarked, the exact steps to register your trademark in the U.S., the typical fees and timeline, and how to prepare for potential obstacles that could arise.

 Your brand’s future is on the line. Join us for this seminar and let Scott Kartsounes equip you with the trademark knowledge you need to conquer the competition and rise to the top.

 Disclaimer: This presentation is for informational purposes only. Scott Kartsounes is not an attorney. The information provided in this seminar is opinion only and is not intended to be legal advice. You are advised to consult with a qualified attorney with questions specific to your situation.

About Scott: Scott is the co-founder of Intelligence, Inc., developers of Event Intelligence®—the game-changing event booking, planning, and management platform trusted by thousands of DJs and photo booth operators in over two dozen countries. Intelligence, Inc. is also developer of Party Blast™, the go-to online event directory featuring thousands of top-notch event professionals in the U.S. & Canada.

 Scott holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago, an MBA from National Louis University, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School. Scott also owned and operated one of the largest and most successful mobile entertainment companies in Chicago from 1990 to 2003.





Jordan St. Jacques

MIXOLOGY (Monetizing the Talent of a DJ for Wedding Events) – John Roach & Rich Cranston

Tuesday 2/20 — 4PM

The Private Event DJ Community remains split on whether a DJ’s ability to beat-mix, quick-mix, and remix, matters at weddings and other private events. For every great social post or YT video that supports the practice, there’s a comment section full of doubters and dissenters. John and Rich are hear to tell you that it does matter, in a very real, and financial, way. Bring your arguments against, but they hope to have you walking out of the presentation rethinking the way you value your own talent.

About John & Rich: Rich started Encore Events, a 16-Unit Multi-Op DJ company, in 1998. John  has been the General Manager for Encore since 2005. Encore Consulting is the 
evolution of their event entertainment business. 25 years in this space has provided them with a PhD-level education in 
building an event business that will last. Two huge revelations in their business education 
were: “You Succeed when Your Friends Succeed” and “Mentors are Critical”. When 
knowledge is gained from professionals who have already been where you want to go, the 
road is so much easier to navigate. These principles are the driving force of Encore 
Since its inception, Encore Consulting has delivered seminars at Wedding MBA, Mobile 
Beat, MEX, The DJ Collective (as of Nov 2023) as well as hosting countless DJ roundtable trainings. 
During the Pandemic, they launched a DJ Industry Podcast and YouTube show 
called the Real DJ Show, which has featured some very prominent names in the 
industry including Joe Bunn and Nick Spinelli.

Mitch Taylor

PBX Speakers
Tuesday 2/20

How to get noticed and booked by corporate clients - Ursula McKinley

Tuesday 2/20 — 9AM

Want to turn a $500 photo booth into a $5000 photo marketing job?

Join Ursula McKinley to learn how to get noticed and booked by corporate clients this February. Capturing the attention of corporate clients can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it can be achieved. In this session we will explore:
* How and where to position your brand for corporate clients
* Building a professional network and relationships
* Tools that sell to corporate clients. Ursula will be speaking in in the PBX presentation room at South Point at 9AM on Tuesday February 20, 2024

About Ursula: Ursula McKinley is a seasoned marketer with an impressive track record of 20 years in the industry, covering PR, Branding, Marketing and Event Management. With a career that includes working with major global brands such as Hilton, Subway and Google, she has earned a reputation as a leader in her field.

In 2015, Ursula took on one of her first freelance clients, the first mirror photo booth company in Ireland, and co-founded Media Lab NI in 2016. The company now hosts 19 different photo booth products, with Ursula and the team utilize various software to deliver 300 weddings and 200 corporate events annually, as well as managing large corporate activations and permanent installs across Europe, Ireland, and the UK. Ursula later expanded her marketing expertise to support 22 photo booth companies worldwide before developing a concept with her business partner, Sammy English, to help booth owners professionally position and market their businesses with a monthly marketing subscription website, www.photoboothmarketing.com.

Today, Ursula and the team have created over 650 professional marketing videos, 9,000 professional marketing images, 250 hours of training, over 150 ebooks and downloadable resources such as pitch decks; while mentoring over 3,000 owners worldwide. She has helped new owners grow their businesses sustainably and even assisted them in securing many six-figure jobs. Ursula has also helped to create and launch 175 photo booth brands, their marketing materials, and websites.

Bill Vahrenkamp

Alan Berg

Mike Wedaa



Chris Collins

Tuesday 2/21 — 1PM


Gregory Burt

Wednesday 2/21 — 2PM

Judd Lillestrand

Wednesday 2/21 — 3PM

Chuck Eckert

Wednesday 2/21 — 4PM

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