More rooms have already been booked than at this point in the entire 8 year history of the show!

LAST LAST LAST call for hotel rooms at discounted prices.

We just got the latest room report from South Point and on one of the nights we have already exceeded the room block. Despite having increased the room block by over 800 room nights this year we are now very close on every night.

In the past South Point has been extremely accommodating in allowing us to exceed the room block (as we have every single year since the start), HOWEVER they are under no obligation to do so once the rooms have filled and therefore can increase the price to the prevailing rate PLUS the full resort fee whenever they want to —and definitely by the cut off date of January 25.

If you have not booked your room, and want the resort fee reduction (to just $14) and the $80 rate Sunday to Thursday — don’t wait any longer. You can  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT ACCESS or call South Point and give them the promo code PHO2023.

Every year a few people wait until the deadline has past and complain when they had to pay more – don’t let this happen to you.

We checked with expedia, trivago and other hotel discounters and found the best rate you can get is $96 (Sunday-Thursday) plus a $27 resort fee — for a total of $123 plus tax.

When you book thru the show (because of the rate we negotiated back in 2019) the rate is just $80 (Sunday-Thursday) plus a $14 resort fee for a total of $94.

So booking thru the show you are saving at least $29 per night (more when you include the tax).

If you are staying for 5 nights you are saving $145, a significant savings—plus by booking thru the show you are supporting the show rather than the hotel discounters, which we GREATLY APPRECIATE*.

One other thing: When you book your rooms thru the show your deposit is fully refundable if you have to cancel for whatever reason at least 3 days (72 hours) before the start of your stay. So there is NO reason to delay booking your room now.

* When we negotiate with the hotels for the future the most important thing for them always seems to be how many hotel nights we can bring their way. Lucky for us so far they seem to be very happy with the results we have brought their way.

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