The price of a PBX Key Pass with coupon code PBXSHOW2023 (or any of the coupon codes) will be increasing to $168 on December 4.

SAVE $30! To get your PBX Key Pass just go to and then REGISTER and make sure the first thing you do at that point is enter promo code PBXSHOW2023 . A PBX Key Pass includes all PBX show seminars as well as the show parties and both the PBX and MEX exhibit floors. A PBX Key Pass does not include MEX show seminars. For those you need to get a MEX Key Pass you can get it at .

If you want just an exhibits only pass (no parties or show seminars included) then that too will be increasing from $20 to $30 on December 4. The promo code for an exhibits only pass is PBXEXHIBITS2023 . The PBX exhibits only pass includes both the MEX and PBX exhibit floors as well as the demo rooms.

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