2018 Photo Booth Expo Seminar Schedule

Note: This is not a final schedule and some times may be changed.

12 Noon —  Dennis Marentette – “Marketing For Success”
1PM  —       Chris Meyer – “The Lost Art Of Customer Service”
2PM  —       Steve Bliesner – ” How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market”
3PM  —       Justin Jowett – “The 5 Steps To Target Marketing”
4PM  —       Calvin Harrell – “What It Takes To Be A School Photographer”
5PM  —       KC Kokuruz – “Social Media Madness”
6PM  —       Justin Miller – “Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies”

8AM —        Bryan Foley – Events Aimed at Church Groups, Community Events and Family / Kids Shows.
9AM  —       Joran St. Jacques – “The Digital Sales Funnel”
10AM  —     Alan Berg – “8 Tips For Better Digital Conversations”
10:30  —      Ed Baker – “All About That Green – All Your Green Screen Questions Answered” (Seminar Room 2)
11AM  —      Sonny Ganguly – “Wedding Wire”
11:30  —      Catalina Bloch – “Workflows To Work Less” (Seminar Room 2)
NOON  —    Bill Vahrenkamp – “Photography 101”
12:30 —       Frederik Peters – “The Selfie Phenomenon And How To Get The Best Of It” (Seminar Room 2)
1PM   —      Chris Breeze – “Light Painting”
1:30  —       Astrid Hernandez – “Expanding The Photo Booth Business Beyond Borders” (Seminar Room 2)
2PM  —      STEVE NAPOLITAN – KEYNOTE – “Capture Clients, Close Deals: A Simple Way To Gain Clients Without Convincing Or Chasing”
3:30  —      Brian Miller – “Vitual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality: The Next Generation of Photo Booths”
3:30   —     Ross Holman –  “Win More Millenial Business” (Seminar Room 2)
4:30  —      National Meeting: Photo Booth Association



8AM —        Scott Faver – “Breakfast With Scott Faver”
9AM  —        Panel Discussion – Led by Rob Peters and Mike Fernino”
10AM  —      Panel Discussion – “The Future Of The Photo Booth Industry”


8AM —        Scott Faver – “Breakfast With Scott Faver”
9AM  —        Panel Presentation – “Alternative Revenue Streams For Photo Booth Operators””
10AM  —      Conclusion – Announcements – National Meeting – Photo Booth Association

11AM –          EXHIBIT FLOOR OPEN 11 AM – 3 PM 

The educational content for the 2018 Photo Booth Expo has been programmed with the assistance of the Photo Booth Association (PBA). The Photobooth Association is the industry leader in educational training with live events, and webinars to help boothers  build and grow their business.

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