The World’s Largest Trade Show for Photo Booth Operators, Manufacturers & Suppliers!

Join us February 24-27, 2019 for The 5th Anniversary PBX Show At South Point

Photo Booth Expo 2019 is coming in...








Thanks for attending the 2018 Photo Booth Expo – Join us in 2019 for the 5th Anniversary Photo Booth Expo.


As a Photo Booth operator, you know it’s not about pictures – it’s about the experience!


Deliver the best quality images to your customers at every job!


The most amazing applications of Photo Booth technology anywhere on Earth!


Explore new revenue streams and learn how you can increase your bookings exponentially!

The Photo Booth Expo is the world’s largest gathering of manufacturers of photo booths, suppliers of photo booth products such as media, props and consumables and photo booth rental companies. For more information on how your business can benefit from exhibiting at the Photo Booth Expo, JUST CLICK HERE

The 5th Anniversary Photo Booth Expo will take place February 24-27, 2019 — Returning to where it all began — SOUTH POINT! BOOK YOUR ROOM

THANK YOU 2018 Photo Booth Expo Sponsors!

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“On behalf of my entire staff and all of our fantastic sponsors and exhibitors… thank you for making the 2018 Photo Booth Expo a huge success! See you next year February 24-27” – Show Producer, Rob Savickis-

The 5th Anniversary Photo Booth Expo will take place February 24-27, 2019 — Returning to where it all began — SOUTH POINT! BOOK YOUR ROOM

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The place for all the info and details on the 5th Anniversary Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas, NV February 24-27, 2019 Paid Exhibitors may add a single...

Whether it’s technical, administrative or marketing, PBX is where you will find the answers and information you need to build your Photo Booth Business. You’ll connect with top professionals in the event entertainment industry and gain access to a huge knowledge base of experience.

Great For Business… And Because You Deserve It!

You’re in the trenches of your business.  Juggling sales, working on marketing materials, developing creative edges in every facet of your business (or trying to).  You’d LOVE to take a break, a much needed vacation, but how can you swing it when there’s so much to...

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Vegas Continues To Stay Ahead Of Tech Curve

The top reason for going to the Photo Booth Expo may be to improve your bottom line—but it doesn't hurt that the show is in Las Vegas. Maintain it's image as the entertainment capital means staying hip to the latest and greatest of everything. Whether it be ATM...

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The PBX/MB Cruise: Flooding, FAQs and Funny Shirts

As you may have heard, the Carnival Dream was in the news this past week - and yes, that's the same big boat we'll all be heading out on in November. Apparently a water line break drenched 50 staterooms. It was all cleaned up and dried out within six hours, but...

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And the winners are…

PBX BEST NEW BOOTH OF 2018 OFFICIAL RESULTS Winner: LA Photo Party - The Venture Finalists: (a finalist is defined as an entry or write in votes that received at least 100 votes in 2018) Mobibooth, LLC - Encore Yodabooth - Yodabooth Y40 Atlanta Photo Booth - Rover The...

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Why Go On The PBX / MB Cruise?

While I make no claims to being a world traveler, I have scuffed my soles in several European and Asian countries—and all but a few of these United States. I mean no offense to Frankie Ford (if he were alive to offended), but a Sea Cruise? Nope. Having heard tales of...

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A Quick PBX Recap – More To Come

Randy Licht of Borel photography was one of the official photogs capturing images at Photo Booth Expo 2018. We'll be posting Randy's photos throughout the year, but here's his short recap of the show.

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100 Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

True, the 2019 Photo Booth Expo is still months away, but it's never too early to start planning. Most PBX attendees tack a day or two are their annual "business trip" to see the sites and enjoy the desert sunshine. Jesse Miller, who is a writer for the blog site Jen...

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Alternative Revenue Streams For Photo Booth Ops

Diversification is essential to the continued, long term growth of any business. If your schedule is packed tight to the gills - Congratulations! If not, you may want to consider some other products and services to fill the gaps. At this year’s Photo Booth Expo, one...

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Exhibitor Spotlight: Yodabooth

Yodabooth has become a very familiar name in the Photo Booth industry and was the "official Photo Booth" on the Mobile Beat/Photo Booth Expo cruise last November (2017). During one of the days at sea, we had a chance to chat with Yodabooth Manager, Filip Cuypers, who...

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From Australia To PBX

David Bradford and Helen De Maria started their Photo Booth business with two booths in June 2013. They got the idea from their daughter Emily and it soon became a family affair. As David recalls…
“We negotiated for a large Ford transit van and the two booths over the...

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